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Event Venues

At Stara Hamburgo you can choose among a range of event venues until you find the one that fits your needs. From a spacious terrace for social and business events of up to 200 people, to more intimate areas for corporate meetings or presentations, we’re the hotel in Mexico City with the best options for special events.

Terrace200 people
Roof Garden100 people
Luminia80 people
Five’s30 people

Roof Garden Events:

Ideal terrace for social, business events, or celebrations as Baptisms, Communions, Birthdays, Weddings, and more.

Capacity up to 200 people.

Special Hall:

Elegant hall with perfect facilities to conduct a special event. It blends the most select gastronomy and sophistication within the majestic space of the Porfirian House.

Capacity up to 50 people.

Support and consulting at 55 5351 6800.



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